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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Navajo Indians. Wiki User For recreation, the Navajo children liked to play with dolls, and play games, like races and archery.

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Adults liked to tell stories, sing, and dance. Asked in Navajo Indians What does the Navajo do for fun?

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They play with toys and games. From their Navajo parents. Asked in Navajo Indians What are the Navajo? Asked in Navajo Indians Is Navajo supposed to be capitalized? Yes, it is capitalized and it is not Navajo Indians.

It is Navajo people. Basketball is the most popular sport on the Navajo Nation today. Horse and foot racing were once very popular. The Navajo children liked to play archery games and horse riding.

They also played with toys and dolls. One of the main traditions in the Navajo was weaving, lots of the Navajo women liked to weave. They weaved things like rugs, blankets, toys, dolls and more. Basket ball is the most popular sport on the Navjo Nation. The Navajo Indians attended dances or did celebrations or had ceremonies for a death in a family. Some defining characteristics of Navajo Indians are almond shaped eyes and high cheek bones.

In addition, many Navajo Indians have tanned looking skin.

navajo games

Asked in Weaving What Indians were famous for their weaving of rugs? The Navajo Indians are famous for their beautiful woven rugs and silver jewelry!

Navajo Indian Culture and Traditions

The Shoshone Indians played. They only believed in their Navajo Traditional Cereimonies. Asked in Navajo Indians What region is the Navajo tribe live in? The Navajo Indians live in the Southwest. They wore wool, jeans, synthetic shirts, and cotton.


The Iroquois Indians played lacross. Trending Questions.Before the modern day calendar was introduced to the Navajo, the months were determined by the new moon and named according to the general weather conditions of that month or the migration or birthing of certain wild game animals. In those days the weather patterns were different than what we experience today.

The names of some of the months changed when agriculture was introduced to the Navajos through the Puebloan and Mexican cultures. During the month of January the snow was used for drinking water and for other household use.

The snow was gathered in buckets and melted on the hot wood stove inside the hogan. Sometimes an outside fire was built and a huge barrel was placed over an iron grill and the snow was melted in large quantities. The snow naturally began to melt towards the end of the month.

Baby eagles hatch in their parentally incubated nests high up in the cliffs. By now the snow is melting fast because the spring winds are gusting. The first thunder is heard and it gently shakes mother earth awakening all hibernating animals and reptiles. The baby eagles have grown big and noisy. There are also other baby animals being born at this time. It is lambing season for the Navajo sheep and other livestock. Spring is evident by the blades of tender tumbleweed grass covering the ground like pieces of thin carpet.

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The weather is unpredictable. The wind is stronger than the month before. The day can start out sunny and calm and abruptly change to a snowstorm, and then back to cold wind. It means the plants that grow closer to the ground are fully-grown and green. Wild game and Navajo livestock mothers and their babies can forge on the nutritious and tender plants. The bigger plants are beginning to grow introducing the summer months.

The Navajos are also preparing to plant their crops.

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It is named for the plants with bigger leaves that were now growing everywhere. Mother earth is fully awake and thriving. The rainy season has been ushered in by lively thunder and lightening.

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Navajos raise sheep for their wool as well as meat. After shearing their sheep they packed huge gunny sacks full of wool to trade at the trading post. Some of the wool was saved for weaving. The fields were prepared for planting.

The seeds were gathered. It was time to plant corn, squash, chili peppers, melons and other vegetables Dine used. This is also a time when the wild plants that have sustained the Navajos for centuries start bearing their fruits.

Navajo calendar rooted in tradition & necessities

In the olden days the Navajos went out to gather the early crops of the wild like wild berries and seeds. This was welcomed because the corps, which they planted, would not yield their fruits for three and four months.Like most high school teams across the country the Gallup softball team is looking forward to starting the season again. Michael standout Ali Upshaw. Everything about Class 6A football is fierce — the players, the game, the competition, the training, and the mindset.

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Tsinigine claims second state wrestling title by Quentin Jodie Apr 9, After year break, wrestler goes for pin to win state by Quentin Jodie Mar 12, Aztec sibs encourage each other to wrestling titles by Navajo Times Feb 27, Apr 15, News. Feb 27, Politics. Feb 20, Politics. Apr 16, Comics. Apr 9, Letters. Apr 2, Letters. Mar 26, Letters. Mar 19, Letters. The race to select a new chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council was underway and it was now evident that it would be a two-man race — incumbent Raymond Nakai versus Peter MacDonald, who had finally stepped down as director of the Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity to spend full time campaigning.

Apr 16, Wrestling. Apr 16, Basketball. Apr 9, Wrestling.

Traditional Navajo game teaches lessons

Apr 9, Rodeo. Apr 2, Rodeo. Apr 2, Sports. HighwayWindow Rock. I, WB Winslow. I, WB Butler.

navajo games

SR SB Holbrook. Apr 2, Health. Mar 12, People. Over two decades ago, Tamerra Martin was given a gift that saved her family in a great time of need. Mar 5, People. Feb 27, People. Feb 20, People. Jan 23, People. Apr 16, Community. Feb 27, Culture. Growing up in Dubuque, Iowa, AJ Goldman heard the same narrative about Christopher Columbus that was being taught in countless classrooms around the country.The Navajo Shoe Game is a game of chance, traditionally played in winter.

The mythical story behind the Shoe Game is that centuries ago, the day creatures and the night creatures did not understand the cycles of the universe, as each group wanted it to be day or night all the time. A contest was held to see which group was more powerful, and this was the first shoe game.

In the end, it was understood that neither group held more power and the animals understood the balance of day and night cycles. Split the group into two teams.

Navajo Wars GMT Games Second Edition Overview

One team will represent the day animals, and the other group will represent the night animals. Hide the ball in one of the shoes and then fill all of the shoes with sand. The team that won the coin toss works cooperatively to choose the shoe that will hide the ball. Traditionally, the ball is made from twisted and wrapped yucca root, but you may use any small ball, such as a golf ball.

Sing animal songs in Navajo while the other team is guessing, per the Navajo Shoe Game tradition. You may choose to sing any animal songs if you do not know the traditional Shoe Game songs. These songs usually are meant to distract players from the game, but are also a traditional storytelling method.

Continue guessing until the correct shoe is found. The ball switches sides and the other team now has a chance to hide it.

In a traditional Navajo Shoe Game, when a team guesses the correct shoe, the opposing team must pay them yucca roots. Also, the winning team must surrender their yucca roots to the losing team.

navajo games

In this way, the Navajo Shoe Game has no winner. Kara Bietz has been writing professionally since Her professional observation work has appeared in the early childhood education textbook "The Art of Awareness" by Margie Carter and Deb Curtis.

Bietz has worked in the field of early childhood education for more than 16 years. By: Kara Bietz Updated April 12, Share It. Choose the starting team by tossing a coin.Games are also part of the culture and tradition of the people. Old games manifest that people who live in the old era also played games that serve as for entertainment and past time activities. Even before online games and other modern games make a blast in the modern way of life, old native games are the first games that brought happiness to the old native tribe in the United States of America.

Native tribes in United States of America are the people lived in the place a long time ago and even non there are still native tribes who still live in the place. The modernization brought changes to the lives of many native tribes in the USA.

It brought changes but some native tribes able to preserve their rich culture and tradition. The Navajo native tribe is one of the native tribes who lived in USA. The tribe of Navajo is one of the famous native tribes in the Southwestern United States.

The tribe of Navajo is considered as the largest number of people who are acclaimed as native tribe in the different areas of United States of America. The estimated population of Navajo member is estimated more thanThe native group of Navajo is using the independent governmental body in the United States of America. The tribe of Navajo manages the entire obligation for the Indian reservation in the different areas in USA.

As of recent survey, it shows that Arizona is the state in United States of America where in many Navajo tribe members are staying. It is estimated that there are almost more thanNavajo members who live in Arizona and there are alsoNavajo members who live in New Mexico.

One thing that makes the Navajo native tribe unique from other tribes is that Navajo people love to entertain themselves and socialize with other people. Navajo people usually socialize with other Navajo members through their famous shoe game.

Navajo people play Navajo Shoe Game especially during the winter season. The main goal of this game is to let Navajo people socialize with other people through playing games.

The facilitator of this game will set two large boxes full of sand. The sand will cover the shoes and will leave the other part of the shoes accessible. They usually use the yucca ball and yucca branches and the carved yucca ball to play the shoe game of Navajo.

The game will start by telling a story and showing some animals. Materials that Navajo people use to play the game are shoes, one coin, small ball and 20 tokens such as pieces of paper, sticks and coins. You must first divide the players into two teams. Two or more people may compose a team. Each team will try to take off one or more shoes from each member of the team. You can identify which team will start hiding the ball in one of the shoe by flipping a coin. The members of other team need to cover their eyes and turn their backs so that they cannot see where the other team hides the ball.

The team needs to guess where the ball is hidden. When the team fails to guess correctly the location of the ball, the opponent will get a token. The team that will get many token will be the winner of the Navajo Shoe game. Navajo Shoe Game.Jan 31, He tapped one shoe with a cedar stick, then dug into the shoe to find a small ball made of yucca inside.

But for the hundreds of Navajos who were looking on in early January at the Navajo Nation fairgrounds, the traditional shoe game is more than a guessing game. It teaches morals while maintaining culture. According to Navajo lore, a wintertime dispute between daytime and nighttime animals culminated with a game that was played to determine whether humans would live in darkness or in light.

So he put together a weeklong lesson on the shoe game and teaches his students in an effort to preserve the storytelling tradition. Clark considers himself a professional shoe game player, having participated in the games since he was a young kid. Using yucca stems to keep score, legend has it the animals played the shoe game from the time the sun set until it rose.

Each team took turns hiding the yucca ball in one of four shoes, holding up a blanket to keep their choice a secret.

Once the blanket dropped, an animal from the other team took a cedar stick and walked over to find the ball. Four, six or 10 yucca stems are awarded until one team has all yucca stems. Everything about the game is tied to Navajo beliefs. During the game between the animals, the coyote switched sides once he saw the other team was winning.

navajo games

That serves as a lesson to Navajo children. When he saw the night team losing, he hid the ball under his wing. Cheating cost the owl his sight during the day, and the story teaches Navajo children not to do the same.

In the end, both sides realized they had no power over the sun or the moon; so they covered the shoes with blankets at daybreak — just how they were found before the game started at the fairgrounds. Apr 5, Apr 6, Jun 4, Apr 16, Feb 7, Mar 23, Apr 14, Pocahontas had a Native husband and Native child; never married John Smith. Sep 8, Apr 10, Dec 5, Feb 26, Grandma's equation to frybread ain't no joke. When you put gas in, as long as the needle moves off the E, it's all good.

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